"Creating a culture of openness and respect, where learning is a day to day activity, but produces real results. Common Thread understand that this is just common sense, but it’s not yet common practice." Peter Russian, Chief Executive of IIP Scotland

We look for a passion for learning in our teams from the very outset.

Common Thread understands that only in training and supporting staff to meet their full potential can you possibly hope to sustain teams and achieve positive outcomes for the young people. We demonstrate this belief in our robust training schedule and support systems committed to creating change and supporting staff to receive recognition. This has recently been acknowledged by IIP when we received our Gold Award. All staff undergo an induction and foundation learning programme where child development, Trauma, Attachment, play and many other interesting aspects of residential childcare are explored.

All Common Thread’s teams are trained in aspects of N.L.P. which we believe is useful in building the team members’ understanding of themselves and easing the stresses invariably placed upon them during the course of their involvement in the sector.

We believe in the possibility of a utopian environment where blame is not sought out, though there is an understanding of consequence. Where ‘miss-takes’ are seen for what they are – a useful, even natural human learning experience.

Our teams have regular in-house training from a range of specialists, access to professional bodies and are supported to network and access external training courses and conferences.

Professional debriefing and support and supervision are routine. It is during these sessions that our team members are encouraged to reflect on their practice. However there is an expectation of, and active support for, ensuring this is done on a much more routine basis.

All team members are encouraged to attend our monthly practice forums giving opportunity to reflect upon and share good practice.

Common Thread also offer monthly group Creative Supervision sessions to all team members in care, education and support services.

Click here for the Creative Supervision video.

Creative Supervision