Before starting his journey with Common Thread, X had been in a number of placements where he had attended school on a regular basis and had shown promise.

X moved to Common Thread and at this time had been refusing to come in to school. He had made a visit to school in an attempt to familiarize himself with the setting in the hopes that he would feel a sense of belonging and not be scared due to it being a new place. Having X attend school was proving a difficult task so staff came up with a plan.

Head of Education and school staff members decided that one staff member would go to X’s Common Thread residence for one to one tutoring sessions in order to build up a solid relationship with a staff member. Staff member visited  X twice a week for 2 hours. At first they discussed what X was interested in and found out as much information about him as possible, speaking about hobbies and things he found interesting. As they done this it was assuring X that staff were interested in what he had to say and were interested in forming a genuine bond with him.

As the one to one sessions continued staff made a start to the National 3 and National 4 curriculum with Math, English, History, and Biology. It was important to show X that these levels were nothing to be scared of and that he had the capability of doing well and achieving any goals he had set for himself.

After a few weeks of one to one sessions, X began to attend school every day of the week thanks to the trusting relationship he had built with Common Thread staff. Before long, X went from 4 curriculum subjects to a total of 12 subjects on his weekly timetable some of which he had never tried before.

Throughout  X’s time within Common Thread Education he has achieved many Outcomes and Experiences, including passing a National 4 unit assessment for History.

It is also important to note that before  X’s time at Common Thread he was unwilling to associate with peers as he felt no need for it. Now, thanks to his time in our education program he has become the social butterfly of the school group, interacts with all of the other young people and has introduced himself to many new members of staff and has maintained good relationships with all those he has met and long may this social confidence continue.

Thanks to his time in our education program he has become the social butterfly of the school group.