Our young people have opportunities to gain:

  • National qualifications accredited by SQA including but not limited to personal development awards
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Internal Rewards, Certificates of Merit and Celebrations of success

At Common Thread Schools we believe it is vitally important that young people receive recognition for all their progress and achievements.

As our schools grow in size, our successes keep on growing! Among the 14 young people who attended our Denny Education and Training Centre during August 2016 to June 2017 they achieved:

  • 64 completed levels of the Curriculum for Excellence Broad Education curriculum across all 8 learning areas.  (on levels 2 to 4)
  • 14 units and modules completed on National 3 level
  • 66 units completed on National 4 level
  • 3 units completed at National 5 level


In our Dumfries Education and Training Centre 6 pupils who attended throughout the year achieved:

  • 4 units of National 3
  • 8 units of National 4
  • Curriculum for Excellence 8 subjects on levels 1 to 3 with over 120 outcomes achieved across all subject areas.


We are also happy to announce that both our Dumfries and Denny Centres have been awarded Silver by Eco Schools, a true sign that Common Thread is fully invested in a sustainable future.

This gives our young people positive formal evidence of success, encourages personal and social progress and helps them obtain a place in the workforce. Our young people have opportunities.