Y’s Story

Y initially started attending our Denny Education & Training Centre in 2014. He had not attended school prior to this for a period of over a year.  Astonishingly, but not surprisingly Y now attends school regularly and has progressed from Core Skill subjects to his National 3’s.  He has 100% attendance and contributes positively to the life of the school in particular encouraging other young people. He is coping well with the full days, and the variety of subjects offered to him.

At the beginning Y became very used to having a small school environment and looked at the school as his own – not willing to share his space or teacher with other young people, he would become very jealous and heightened when having to share or complete similar work to other young people.

More recently in August of 2016, the Denny school saw an influx in both staff and pupils. Y coped very well with this change and has progressed from working in a smaller environment on a one to one basis to now working within larger groups for subjects and sharing time with the teacher. Y is flourishing, particularly in Mathematics, he has progressed from simple addition sums to now sitting at a National 3 level and almost ready to move on to National 4.

Y’s social skills have also grown and developed.  The extra pupils in the school have allowed Y to engage in more social interactions with a similar age group. There has also been an improvement in his confidence. Y is a great team player and interacts with all staff and all young people, even day scholars from different care providers.

Y has voiced that he would like to get a job offshore when he has finished school, failing that he would like to become a lifeguard. In our opinion Y has the potential to go on to college to study, as he is a bright young boy when he put his mind to it.

Y is particularly interested in rap music and has created a few lyrics himself. He has recorded himself rapping these and has only recently felt confident enough to show others, as he tends to rap about personal things, more recently the passing of his mother.

Y has become a confident, responsible and successful learner who jokingly states with a twinkle in his eye, ‘ I preferred it when I was only 1 of 2 young people attending.’  Y has grown so much as a person since then and has gone on and achieved many units in a variety of subjects e.g. Maths, English, Science, ICT, Hospitality and Art.

Y is looking forward to be moved on to mainstream schooling in the future and here at Common Thread we are helping him with that transition.

When asked what he thought of the schools, in his typical honest forthright manner he answered, ‘Sh**e, but I have really done well man!”

The CTG Care & Education model focuses on positive solution approaches in both the academic, health & well being of each young person that puts their needs first and provides the space to develop their individuality and express their desires in safe and secure environments.

Common Thread puts the Young Person’s needs first and provides the space to develop their individuality and express their desires in safe and secure environments.