Thornhill South provides a wonderfully warm and healing environment nestled near the heart of the Buccleuch Estates Dumfries & Galloway.

Nestled under a grassy bank by a quiet country road, this cottage, on the Buccleuch Estates provides a tranquil environment where the child from a busy and bewildering environment may find a space in which to rest and recuperate.

Immediate access to the fields and woods around gives a sense of freedom and open-air activities are encouraged in this beautiful setting.

Easy access to the estate allows exercise to be taken on foot or by bicycle away from traffic and the abundance of wildlife is a delight to a child who may come from the inner city.

The provision of single occupancy allows the team the opportunity to work in depth with the child and the proximity of the house to Commom Thread School in Dumfries allows education to be undertaken both at the school and in the home if necessary.