Making a Referral

Common Thread’s primary function is to provide care for children and young people aged 8 – 18 years, who may be experiencing a residential placement breakdown, breakdown in the family home, or children and young people in need of ‘respite’ care or, an emergency placement at short notice.

To enquire about a placement we recommend emailing our Referral Manager, Margaret- Anne Haggarty ( or by calling our Head Office on 01576 204202. After an initial conversation with either the Placements Officer or Social Worker, Common Thread asks for all relevant information that will make sure that we can provide a suitable and safe placement.

We are proud to confirm that all twelve of Common Thread care facilities have been inspected throughout 2017 and have been awarded grades Good or Very Good by the National Care Inspectorate.

” XX was identified as one of the most vulnerable and chaotic young people within East Ayrshire at one point before Common Thread (CT) provided the care that she required. She has been able to excel within CT’s carers care which has provided the love and care that she required to achieve some of her own goals.

XX was a young person who self-harmed on a regular basis, used substance and alcohol regularly, absconded and appeared a high risk of sexual exploitation. Her confidence and self-worth have significantly improved since living within CT’s which has allowed her to create a new positive identity. Thanks again for all your support over the past years.”

Social Worker 16th January 2018

Full information and transparency on the points noted below is key to this:


  • Legal status
  • Risk assessments
  • An up to date Care Plan
  • Full history and chronology
  • Past and outstanding convictions
  • Medical Report
  • Education Report
  • Physical or sexual risk to adults or young people
  • Psychological Reports


If after initial conversations we believe that we have possible match for one of our services a Referral Form will be sent out to the relevant professional to fill out.


When both parties are happy to proceed with the placement, the Placement Officer and/or Social Worker are invited to visit the service to meet the Manager and Care Team.


Regrettably we are unable to provide care for young people with severe physical and mental disabilities.