All employees of and suppliers to Common Thread are required to sign up to our Core Values and Behaviours:


  • Young People First – In All We Do
  • Creativity and Positivity – Promote, Identify and Focus on in Ourselves and Others
  • Leaders – In Our Areas of Expertise and Capability
  • Operating Sustainably and Ethically – Ensuring Viable, Responsible Citizenship
  • Integrity and Honesty – In How We Conduct Ourselves


  • Demonstrates and Encourages Integrity and Honesty
  • Learns through Creative Opportunities, Experience and Reflection
  • Chooses and Promotes Sustainable and Ethical Practice
  • Driven by Professional and Personal Excellence and Celebrates Success
  • Promotes Mutual Respect and Confidence
  • Delivers and Operates with Tenacity and Courage
  • Interacts with Openness and Suspends Judgement