Why Common Thread?

We are often asked where the name Common Thread came from. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves that question! It fundamentally came down to people, we believed that the common thread through any organisation could be narrowed to the people that are involved with it. In this case we decided that the young people would always be considered as the primary focus but of course they are young “people” our common thread is simply put people. We were founded in 2004 by Julie Joseph, initially with two houses. Our initial intent was to develop good practice and to broadcast that good practice to as many organisations as we could.

We have grown our company organically as people who displayed the skills to help that growth came to us. The expansion of our our footprint into the central belt and Highlands of Scotland was very carefully considered and has been an outstanding success to date. When we opened our first school (Merrick) near Dumfries in 2009 it was the culmination of a dream for Julie who had a clear vision and belief that we could not provide outstanding childcare without the educational element being available internally. Our school has been another outstanding success for Common Thread with the addition of a further 2 schools based in Denny and Kilmarnock bringing the current total to 3. Our Dumfries school base moved to new premises in 2015 to form the Common Thread Education and Training Centre.

Our primary intent remains excellent care and education for the young people that come to stay with us.

Meet the Team

Common Thread is a company committed to excellence and seriously improving opportunities for children in the care system. We are resolute in challenging unacceptable practice and perceptions.

Our Mission is to lead in the creation and provision of innovative healing environments for children and young people who have been hurt by trauma, abuse and neglect.